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New Pet Products Showcased at Western Veterinary Conference

Posted March 03, 2014 in A Vet's Life

Many pet owners may not realize that graduating from veterinary school and entering practice is not the end of their veterinarian’s education but rather a new beginning and the next chapter of training. Being a veterinarian requires a lifelong commitment to learning and staying up to date on new medical developments that impact pets. Medical journals and books represent a large part of this work but attending meetings, seminars and symposia are also important. While some people refer to major meetings as conventions they are more appropriately called symposia or conferences.     

A conference is a large official meeting, usually lasting for a few days, at which people with the same work or interests come together to discuss their views. A conference involves hours and sometimes days of discussions and presentations around new and emerging information.

Recently The Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) was held in Las Vegas, NV. It is one of the largest gatherings of veterinarians in the country attended by thousands of veterinarians and veterinary health care providers. Also in attendance are representatives of veterinary focused companies who present and demonstrate new and innovative products to enhance your veterinarian’s ability to provide the latest and best care for your pets.

This year’s conference was exceptional. Educators from across the country and indeed around the world presented new knowledge about disease and health alike. It’s clear that a major role of veterinarians is preventive health care. New vaccines, new nutritional products, new parasite preventives and more were rolled out during WVC — sometimes bringing to fruition years of research. 

Some of the most important developments will likely have a direct impact on your pets:

  • Availability of new diagnostic tests will make testing and monitoring sick pets much more timely and effective.
  • Telemedicine” will give your veterinarian access to expert consultations in your own community.
  • New products will battle parasites and hold great promise.
  • Allergies that cause discomfort and itching have long been the curse of dogs and cats. It was apparent at Western Veterinary Conference that testing for the specific agent a pet is allergic to has become available and newly developed drugs and allergens that help block negative reactions are very exciting.
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, a common problem in cats, causes significant inflammation in the urinary bladder and affected cats are frequently affected by calculi or stones that form in the

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