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Dr. Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ

Dr. Phil Zeltzman is a traveling, board-certified surgeon in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey. His website is Phil has more than 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry and is traveling, board-certified surgeon as well as a founding member of IDEXX’s Pet Health Network team.

He graduated in 1993 from the University of Liege, School of Veterinary Medicine in Belgium. He is a board-certified surgeon - a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dr. Zeltzman has wanted to be a veterinarian since the age of 5 when his favorite TV shows were Flipper, Daktari and Lassie! "Becoming a surgeon has been a dream come true and I am as passionate about my profession as I was when I first started," he says.

Besides surgery, he has a strong interest in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obese pets and their people. Dr. Zeltzman has just published "Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound," a book on weight-loss in dogs and people, co-written with Rebecca Johnson PhD, RN, FAAN (

As a Certified Veterinary Journalist, blogger, columnist and award-winning author, his goal is to write meaningful articles, newsletters and books that will make a difference in the lives of pets and their people. His web site is

Posts by Dr. Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ

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