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Dog at the Vet's A Vet's Life
Moonshine Spurs an Unforgettable Holiday Vet Visit
Dr. Ward found himself in a completely unexpected situation one holiday season, after a dog got into a homemade distillery.
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Picture showing a dog and cat together on bed implying the shared risk of chronic kidney disease A Vet's Life
New Test for Cats and Dogs May Catch Kidney Disease Earlier
This new test means big and exciting things for dogs and cats everywhere. Learn what veterinarians are saying about it.
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Volunteer holding a shelter cat A Vet's Life
Can Snuggling with Shelter Cats Improve Their Health?
An interesting new study shows that keeping shelter cats healthier only takes a little affection. Learn how the study was run, and what it means to a behavior expert.
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Two dogs sharing a bed A Vet's Life
New Study Asks if Arthritis in Dogs Causes Mood Changes
Science has already show a connection between arthritis in people and depression. Now a similar question is being asked about dogs.
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Two Great Danes A Vet's Life
Are Ear-Cropping and Tail-Docking Ethical? One Vet Weighs In
Dr. Mike Paul thinks it's time to stop ear cropping and tail docking. Learn how it started, and why, he says, it's no longer a good idea.
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Dog on an airplane A Vet's Life
Dr. Mike Paul Excited by New Airline Travel Option for Pets
American Airlines is offering first class passengers a new way to travel with pets in style. Learn more about it.
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Outpatient dogs receiving IV fluids A Vet's Life
Memories of a Vet’s Trip to China: An Evolving World for Pets
You might have heard negative things about dog treatment in China, but now learn what Dr. Zeltzman saw first-hand, and why he thinks conditions are improving.
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Dog licking owner A Vet's Life
Study Shows You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Smell
Did you know that your dogs favorite smell is you? Learn how science proves it!
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Orange cat with big eyes A Vet's Life
Pet Insurance Gaining Popularity in the U.S.
Pet insurance is becoming more popular and that's great news for American pets. Learn more about the growing pet insurance trend.
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Woman fainted while dog looks on A Vet's Life
You’ll Probably Be Disappointed by Your Dog’s Reaction to Your “Fake Fainting”
You'll be surprised by these dog reactions when pet parents pretend to faint, but you probably won't be impressed.
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