German Shepard Dog Breeds
The German Shepherd
Star of the large and small screen, Rin Tin Tin was a glowing example of why the German shepherd dog is so highly thought of by many.
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Tibetan Terrier Dog Breeds
The Tibetan Terrier
The smallish Tibetan Terrier is an incredibly smart dog, meaning you'll always have to be on your toes during training and socialization.
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Brussels Griffon Dog Breeds
Brussels Griffon
The small Brussels Griffon has minimal exercise needs, an assertive manner, both intelligent and ornery streaks, and a love for playing games.
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Cat Breeds
The Somali
The Somali is a medium-sized cat breed with a love for exploration and observation, and unlike many cats, he enjoys walking on a leash.
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Dog Breeds
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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Turkish Van Cat Breeds
The Turkish Van
Always moving and very large, the Turkish Van loves to jump on and off furniture and, unlike most cats, actually enjoy going for a swim in pools or toilets.
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Turkish Angora Cat Breeds
The Turkish Angora
The Turkish Angora gets along with everyone, including dogs, and love to climb. Unfortunately, some Turkish Angoras have some genetic health problems.
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The Labrador Retriever Dog Breeds
The Labrador Retriever
It’s no wonder that the Labrador retriever has been America’s favorite purebred dog for the past two decades.
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The Boxer Dog Breeds
Tough-Looking Dog with a Heart of Gold: The Boxer
Don’t let their tough appearance fool you, Boxers love being with their people and are great pets for families.
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How Could OCD Cause my Large Breed Dog to Limp? Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
How Could OCD Cause my Large Breed Dog to Limp?
OCD for dogs? It's not what you're thinking. Learn what a limp could mean in your large breed dog.
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