Rescue Dogs Search Washington Mudslide

The recent tragedy in Washington has called into action not only human responders, but also canine rescuers whose efforts can’t be overlooked.  Search dogs have been an essential part of the search and recovery effort. The first dogs to arrive battled poor conditions including cold, mud and rain, reported Taylor Umlauf of the Wall Street Journal. 

The dogs worked tirelessly and didn’t take their first break until Monday when a fresh team finally arrived to relieve them. Follow this link for photos of these heroic rescue dogs.

Disasters, like the one in Washington, serve to remind us all of the importance of rescue dogs.  Luckily, caring individuals are, even now, training more dogs to help us with future catastrophes. Paula Lomax is just one such individual, according to Chris Morris of

Paula became determined to train a rescue dog while struggling to rebound from serious surgery and tornados that devastated her home town of Lomax, Indiana in 2012. Now her dog, Louie, is poised to ace a certification test and join the world of rescue pooches. 

Louie, Paula, and Paula’s husband Joe have put in an incredible amount of time and effort. Even after Louie is certified they don’t stand to gain any financial compensation. For Paula and Joe they put in the effort for the pure joy of helping others.

The selfless efforts of search dogs in Washington, and people like Paula in Indiana teach us that even in the face of tragedy there is always hope.  Click here to see a gallery of 20 courageous dogs helping with the Washington mudslide search.