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9 Tips for Having a Dog Safe Picnic

Posted June 22, 2015 in Dog Checkups & Preventive Care

Many dogs love summer just as much as we do! It can be the best time of year to be out and about, enjoying activities like hiking, swimming, running, and especially picnicking with your dog. However you can’t forget about summer hazards, especially fireworks. With all the festivities that summer has to offer, here are 9 tips to keep in mind when picnicking with your pooch.

1. Close that picnic basket
Yummy picnic items considered poisonous for dogs include grapes and raisins (even currants). While xylitol is a natural sugar substitute for people, it is poisonous for dogs. So be sure keep anything containing xylitol (baked goods, candies, mints, gums, etc.) away from your pets. Click here to learn more about picnic poisons with Dr. Justine Lee.

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