January 2015’s Top 5 Pet Videos

We're only a month into 2015 and already there's been an abundance of adorable, hilarious, heroic and downright unbelievable pet videos posted to YouTube. Personally, I love these kinds of videos! One of my last YouTube searches was actually, "puppies yawning." If you haven't searched that I suggest you do! Anyway, here are 5 videos YouTubers, like myself, highly enjoyed!

1. Dog Saves Owner When He Suspects Him Drowning

Someone get this dog a lifeguard job! Even if this was just a test, this little guy passed with flying colors!

Posted by kingpic

2. The Most Coordinated Dog You'll Ever See

Posted by TJ Parker, who writes, "Took Quinn out to play in the snow. Her coordination is really quite stunning." If you ask me, this Bernese Mountain Pup is extremely majestic. 

3. Who Says Cats Sleep All Day?

Definitely not Luna, posted by emlodrone, who calls her, "the 7lb nutball." I think all cat parents can appreciate this one.

4. A Bulldog and Her Bone vs. The Doggy Door

All this Bulldog wants is to enjoy her bone outside, but she may need a bigger door. This is one persistent pup!

Posted by Rumble Viral

5. Dogs Have Feelings Too...

As you can see on our breed page of the Rottweiler, they are powerful and protective dogs but they do have a soft side. This extremely moving and heartbreaking video posted by brettvett1 . shows his mournful Rottie who found out his brother had passed away. Dealing with the passing of a beloved animal can be extremely hard on people, as well as dogs. Dr. Ruth MacPete shares, "How to Deal With the Loss of a Pet".

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Friday, January 30, 2015